The lubrication of seals is important: to facilitate assembly of the seal or the profiled elastomer; for seals on rotating shafts; to prevent intrusion of dirt at the protective lips of radial shaft seals

Wherever seals operate under dynamic load, leakage of the medium may occur. If a lubricant film fails to form between the elastomer seal and the shaft, or if an existing lubricant film ruptures, friction between the moving components may lead to a sharp rise in temperature and consequently failure of the sealing materials and increased wear (shaft under-cut). A lubricant that is not up to the task can also affect the seal material, leading to leakage and system breakdown.

In cooperation with the sealing specialists in the Freudenberg Group, Klüber Lubrication has developed lubricant-seal combinations enabling optimised seal life. Lube & Seal is the name given to this cross-organisational cooperation benefiting the user.

The Lube&Seal cooperation offers the user:

  • tested compatibility with elastomers
  • a combination of sealing material and lubricant enabling optimised friction conditions
  • optimised solutions for entire tribological systems
  • full consultation during the product development stage
  • increased reliability for all products and components
  • reduced operating costs throughout component life
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