Working part Efficiency

Services to increase the lifetime of your cost-intensive components such as large gear drives and chains including appropriate training.

  • Consulting (application / lube systems)
  • Commissioning / Running in
  • Repair lubrication and sealing
  • Mechanical treatment
  • Renew training

Your benefits at a glance

  • Savings: Reduction of spares inventory and stores costs as components last longer
  • Cost-efficiency: Avoid costs for unplanned production downtime and repair costs
  • Efficient production: Production stoppages may be preventable during maintenance relubrication operations
  • Customised care: Monitoring and prevention of damage during lubricant changeovers to ensure full functionality of your machinery
  • Measurable: Clear overview of savings and improvements obtained
  • Sustainable: Longer machine running times and postponed asset investments, e.g. for spare components