Article-No: 003010

US BB 312

Adhesive special grease, e.g. for valves and fittings

Product description

US BB 312 is a synthetic special lubricating grease based on synthetic hydrocarbon and silicate.

This adhesive grease for valves and fittings offers high resistance to fluid media in the food-processing and beverage industry. It has been tested and approved in context with tap water.

US BB 312 is resistant to the following media (based on DIN 51807/1 at a test temperature of 20°C): beer, milk, acid and alkaline disinfectants, fruit acids and alcoholic beverages, water/water vapour up to 120°C.

US BB 312 is not resistant to all organic solvents as well as strong acids and alkaline solutions.

Benefits for your application

  • Synthetic

  • DVGW-KTW approval

  • Good resistance to ambient media

  • Good adhesion and sealing effect