Article-No: 099195

Klübertop TP 27-1311

Aqueous single-component bonded coating for profiled car seals

Product description

Klübertop TP 27-1311 is a heat-setting, black, aqueous single-component bonded coating based on selected solid lubricants and an organic binder.

Klübertop TP 27-1311 shows excellent adhesion on many types of elastomers, especially on EPDM.

Benefits for your application

  • High wear resistance and low friction coefficient

    • Longer service life

    • Suitable for sponge rubber and profiles in contact with glass

  • Lower tendency to stick-slip in profiles

    • No squeaking noise in the car

  • Saving costs and time

    • No mixing of components necessary

    • Bonded coating can be directly applied to hot profiles without prior cooling

  • Integrated UV indicator (visible at 300 to 400 nm)

    • Easy quality assurance