Article-No: 880054

Klüberfood 4DC 80 D

Technical processing aid for the food industry

Product description

For you as a food manufacturer, high quality and food safety of your products is of top priority. Therefore, a technical processing aid which is in direct contact with food should not influence the taste and odour of your finished products. This is why Klüberfood 4DC 80 D was developed, containing 100 % food-grade ingredients to fulfill your taxing requirements.

Benefits for your application

  • Food safety for your finished product:

    • Klüberfood 4DC 80 D is a technical processing aid for professional use according to regulation (EC) No. 1333/2008

    • The product is manufactured in an IFS and BRC certified company for Klüber Lubrication

    • 100 % food-grade ingredients, 100 % vegetable-based

  • Hygienic production of high-quality food products:

    • Lower consumption reduces contamination risk

  • Reduced production costs:

    • Lower quantities of technical processing aid required due to its excellent release properties