Article-No: 099210

Klübertop TN 01-311 A/B Komp. A

Two-component high-performance bonded coating for metal components

Product description

Klübertop TN 01-311 A/B is a thermosetting, black-coloured high-performance bonded coating made up of two component parts with nanoparticles for excellent wear protection. It has an organic binder containing PTFE as the solid lubricant. With nanoparticles for increased stability, the bonded coating is resistant to very high loads compared to other PTFE-based coatings.

Klübertop TN 01-311 A/B reduces friction and wear on metal/metal and metal/plastic material pairings. This bonded coating can be used for high mechano-dynamic loads as well as with high temperatures. The bonded coating is supplied in liquid form and with a viscosity ready to use. It contains an inflammable solvent mixture.

Once applied and hardened, the bonded coating forms a dry lubricating layer with a wide service temperature range, low friction coefficients and excellent resistance to wear. Its resistance to chemicals and anticorrosive effect are good.

Benefits for your application

  • Increased component performance

    • excellent wear protection for long component life

    • for a wide service temperature range

    • lifetime lubrication is possible

    • also in combination with oil and grease lubrication

  • Very good corrosion protection, in particular for zinc-phosphated components