Article-No: 009051

Klübersustain SA 42-41 OS

Eco-compatible operating thread compound and lubricating grease

Product description

Are you an offshore rig operator or equipment manufacturer of tubing or casing for offshore drilling operations? In that case, you are likely to be interested in obtaining an ecofriendly, high-performance lubricant. Klübersustain SA 42-41 OS is a thread compound designed to provide superior make up and break out performance by minimizing or eliminating galling and seizing. It combines very good eco-friendliness with high load-carrying capacity, good anti-wear and anti-corrosive effect and excellent adhesion to surfaces.

Benefits for your application

  • Considerable cost savings through:

    • Reduced down time resulting from reduction or elimination of galling and seizing of pipe threads

    • Longer operating intervals and longer component life due to product’s wide operating temperature range and excellent performance under extreme pressure applications

  • Developed for offshore and ecologically sensitive environments

    • Extended component life through excellent corrosion protection

    • Easy application in wet environments and adherence to wet surfaces

    • Meets requirements for OSPAR conformance, including Norway Yellow 1 and Cefas E (registration no. 26586)