Article-No: 022237

Klüberbeta RM 47-291

Special grease for elastomers and plastics

Product description

As a manufacturer of pneumatic systems you expect valves to operate smoothly at both high and low temperatures.

You therefore need a grease that is compatible with the materials used and also has a wide service temperature range.

Klüberbeta RM 47-291 is a special grease enabling smooth component operation at low temperature and offering high thermal stability. It is based on silicone oils and contains a lithium soap thickener. Due to its specific consistency, it shows good backflow behaviour into the lubrication gap.

Its shows notably good compatibility with many elastomers (except silicone rubber) and plastics.

Benefits for your application

  • Longer component life due to

    • low friction coefficients across a wide service temperature range

    • good compatibility with elastomers and plastics

  • Simple handling enabled by good wetting of functional surfaces