Article-No: 096161

Klüberfood NH1 74-401

Synthetic long-life, high-temperature grease for the food and pharmaceutical industries

Product description

As a food producer or manufacturer of machines used in the food processing industry, you have to take care of many aspects: from machine reliability to compliance with regulations, from simplification of maintenance processes to cost savings. With Klüberfood NH1 74-401, developed for incidental food contact in food and pharmaceutical processing, we combine the high performance and load-carrying capacity of a synthetic base oil with the versatility of an innovative polyurea thickener. Therefore Klüberfood NH1 74-401 is suitable for long lubrication intervals in a large variety of applications. Furthermore, this high-temperature grease offers you a wide service temperature range and can be applied in rolling bearings up to 160 °C, and up to 180 °C (short term) with appropriate relubrication intervals.

Klüberfood NH1 74-401 is NSF H1-registered and complies with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570.

Benefits for your application

  • Simplification: reduced number of products

    • due to the suitability for many applications

    • due to the wide temperature range

    • due to the suitability for both manual and centralised lubrication systems

  • Cost saving and production reliability

    • due to the prolonged service intervals also at medium/high temperature

    • due to the good load-carrying capacity

  • Full compliance with the higher food safety standards

    • due to the NSF H1 registration and ISO 21469 certification

    • due to the high performance enabling lower lubricant quantities in the production process

  • Risk management improvement

    • due to the lower number of operator lubrication tasks