Article-No: 005132

Klüberpaste HS 91-21

High-temperature and high-purity screw paste

Product description

Klüberpaste HS 91-21 is black and easy to spread. It contains an innovative combination of solid lubricants to facilitate screw assembly.

The product's high degree of purity regarding sulphur, chlorine, fluorine and heavy metals prevents reactions with metal surfaces. The paste enables excellent separation of materials with a tendency to fretting such as V2A, V4A and high-temperature steel.

We developed Klüberpaste HS 91-21 especially for applications in oil refineries. It can withstand a wide temperature range.

Benefits for your application

  • Efficient assembly of screws of varying dimensions and materials due to constant preload forces

  • Screws easy to undo even when subject to high temperatures for a long time

  • High degree of purity for minimum impact on screws as paste is virtually free of chlorine, fluorine and sulphur