Article-No: 050046

Klüber Summit RAB 68

Synthetic refrigeration compressor lubricant

Product description

Klüber Summit RAB 68 is based on synthetic hydrocarbon oils and special additives. It is very stable at high temperatures while providing excellent low temperature properties at evaporator temperatures below -45 °C. The solubility with the refrigerants listed below is excellent and the deposit formation and foaming tendency is considerably reduced compared to naphthenic refrigeration compressor oils.

Benefits for your application

  • for reciprocating, rotary and centrifugal compressors using ammonia and R-22. Also suitable in context with R-11, R-12, R-13, R-113, R-114, R-123, R-401 A, R-401 B, R-402 A, R-402 B, R-408 A, R-500, R-502 and R-503

  • excellent low-temperature properties at evaporator temperatures below -45 °C

  • completely miscible with mineral oils