Article-No: 099194

Klüberflex 120-1

Water-miscible, single-component, silicone hybrid bonded coating for elastomer surfaces

Product description

Klüberflex 120-1 is a water-miscible, heat-hardening, colourless to milky bonded coating. It was developed for the demanding requirements to be met by elastomer components with optimised friction coefficients.

Once hardened, its new binding technology combines soft-touch surface finishing properties and good wear resistance as well as chemical stability.

Benefits for your application

  • Easy and clean assembly of elastomer seals

  • Easy separation of elastomer components during automatic feeding

    • due to smooth anti-stick surface

  • Quick check of coating quality after application

    • due to integrated UV indicator (visible at 300 - 400 nm)

  • Cost savings during processing

    • No filter systems need to be installed due to low VOC content

  • Easy and uncomplicated processing

    • Ready to use! No dilution or mixing of several components