Article-No: 004316

Klübersynth BME 44-42

Special grease for actuators, rolling bearings and freewheels

Product description

Unimpeded component operation throughout its service life without relubrication is an increasingly frequent requirement in advanced applications e.g. in drive-by-wire technology.

Klübersynth BME 44-42 provides a matching long-term lubrication solution for both manufacturers and users of such components and systems. In addition, there are often extreme requirements such as smooth running at low temperatures or wear-free operation at high ambient temperature. Klübersynth BME 44-42 offers a very low starting torque, enabling smooth operation and energy savings at low temperatures. When Klübersynth BME 44-42 is used to lubricate rolling bearings or other components, short-term temperature peaks can be handled without substantial impairment of lubricity. If, on top of that, your application is also subject to vibration or elevated loads, Klübersynth BME 44-42 can protect your component against premature failure and wear. Its good compatibility with seals and miscibility with customary bearing lubricants make Klübersynth BME 44-42 a special grease that can be used for many different applications.

Benefits for your application

  • Long-term grease enabling reduced maintenance and for-life lubrication

  • Wide range of applications due to wide service temperature range

  • Extended component life due to optimised oil release

  • High pressure absorption capacity due to special antiwear additives

  • Good protection for surfaces moving in opposite directions