Article-No: 039062


Priming and contrast lubricant containing graphite for open drives

Product description

GRAFLOSCON A-G 1 ULTRA is an easy-to-spread adhesive lubricant based on an aluminium complex soap thickener, mineral oil and a high content of solid lubricant (fine graphite).

GRAFLOSCON A-G 1 ULTRA is suitable for high pressures, has anti-corrosion properties and is free of raw materials containing bitumen, solvents, heavy metals, chlorine or solid matters.

Benefits for your application

  • Ready-to-use product - no product preparation required

  • High load-carrying capacity and adhesiveness - prevents metal-to-metal contact of tooth flanks

  • Long durability of lubricating film - protects tooth flanks even during prolonged gear alignment procedures

  • Priming and contrast lubricant - for determining the parallel alignment of tooth flanks