Article-No: 050145

Klüber Summit PGS-2A

Synthetic gas compressor oil

Product description

Klüber Summit PGS-2A is based on polyalkylene glycol and special additives. In high-pressure piston compressors for natural gas or hydrocarbon gas, mineral oils are easily absorbed into, and diluted by, the gas stream. By contrast, Klüber Summit PGS-2A is extremely resistant to such effects.

Benefits for your application

  • For the lubrication of screw-type and rotary vane compressors for natural and process gas

  • Compared to mineral oils, the product is very resistant to dilution and absorption by hydrocarbon gases

  • Klüber Summit PGS-2A is ideal for heavy gases (densities > 1.5 g/cm³)

  • Longer oil service life by adding oxidation inhibitors if the gas stream contains oxygen