Article-No: 012336

Klübersynth GE 44-51

Special lubricating grease for precision gears

Product description

Klübersynth GE 44-51 was especially developed for low-backlash gears, such as those used in robots and machine tools. This special grease consists of synthetic hydrocarbon oil and a lithium soap.

It contains special additives free of solid matters for a long service life and protection against fatigue damage. The grease is tinted red for quick identification in low-backlash gears.

The gear grease is compatible with elastomers such as NBR and FKM.

Benefits for your application

  • Good protection of gears and rolling bearing contacts against wear

  • Low base oil viscosity ensures quick backflow of the oil to the friction point

  • Special additives free of solid matters enhance the protection of friction points subject to high loads