Article-No: 039078


Operational lubricant for open drives

Product description

GRAFLOSCON C-SG 2000 ULTRA is a sprayable adhesive lubricant with a mineral base oil. It contains aluminium complex soap and solid lubricant particles of fine graphite. It is resistant to high pressure and contains antiwear additives, adhesion improvers and corrosion inhibitors. The raw materials used for the manufacture of GRAFLOSCON C SG 2000 ULTRA are free of bitumen, solvents and chlorine.

Benefits for your application

  • Prevents wear even at high surface pressures

  • Contains solid lubricant particles for high load-carrying capacity

  • Ready-to-use

  • Easy application through spraying systems

  • Excellent tooth flank protection in case of extremely high loads and vibrations

  • Especially suitable for application under hot climatic conditions

  • Lubricating film effective for a long period of time