Article-No: 090028


Sliding agent for valves and other system components subject to low temperatures

Product description

BARRIERTA I SL/OX is a synthetic, non-flammable and pasty sliding agent with good wetting properties. It is based on fluorinated polyether oil and PTFE. BARRIERTA I SL/OX is resistant to gaseous, liquid, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. BARRIERTA I SL/OX is resistant to chemicals and aggressive media such as concentrated acids, alkaline solutions and organic solvents (except for fluorinated hydrocarbon solvents, strong bases, earth/alkali metals and Lewis acids). It is neutral to most elastomers and plastics. It is characterised by a wide service temperature range and by a pliant structure at low temperatures.

Benefits for your application

  • Upper oxygen pressure limit at operating temperatures up to 60 °C, max. 70 bar

  • Sliding agent for low temperatures from -60 °C to +60 °C with oxygen-enriched gases > 21 percent by volume and from -60 °C to +100 °C with with O2 portion ≤ 21 percent by volume

  • Low torque

  • Suitable for most materials