Article-No: 012325

Klübersynth BHE 46-403

High-temperature grease for heavily loaded rolling bearings

Product description

Do your heavily loaded rolling bearings rely on excellent lubricity over a long component life? Klübersynth BHE 46-403 was developed precisely for this type of requirement. It is a fully synthetic special grease based on polyglycol oil, synthetic hydrocarbon oil and special lithium soap, attaining optimal oxidation resistance in high-temperature applications in the long term. With carefully selected additives, the product provides excellent protection against wear and steel corrosion in the component.

Benefits for your application

  • The innovative lubricant design reduces frictional resistance to contribute towards higher energy efficiency

  • Highly versatile grease for use in heavily loaded rolling bearings due to wide service temperature range

  • Extended component life due to antiwear additives matching roller bearing requirements

Product information