Article-No: 002112

Klübersynth CH 6-110

High-temperature chain oil for conveyor and lifting chains

Product description

Klübersynth CH 6-110 is a high-temperature chain oil based on a thermally stable polyalkylene glycol.

Benefits for your application

  • Clean and easy-to-relubricate chains due to lower residue formation

  • Low consumption quantities owing to the low evaporation rate of the polyglycol, hence lubrication and maintenance costs are reduced

  • The high viscosity index contributes to the formation of a lubricating film even at high temperatures. Mixed friction and wear are reduced and the desired service life of the chain is achieved.

  • The good wear protection even in the mixed friction regime increases the service life of the chain.

  • The excellent friction behaviour of the polyglycol base oil reduces current consumption and hence energy costs of the system

  • Low impact on paint quality due to the use of paint-compatible raw materials, thus minimum re-working of paint defects. Quality costs can be reduced.

  • Verified compatibility with different paints of Messrs. BASF, DuPont, Herbertz and PPG