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Tribojournal, edition 1/2012

Topics: A masterpiece in the Oosterschelde estuary, Efficient generation of clean compressed air, High-precision machine tool operation, Analysis service for trouble-free operation

Tribojournal, edition 1/2011

Topics: Seaworthy and eco-friendly, Worm gears becoming more efficient, Optimised friction coefficients for the automotive industry, Antiwear layers for rolling bearings

Tribojournal, edition 1/2010

Tribojournal, edition 1/2010

Topics: Drive module for surgical instruments, A system for correct lubrication, Smooth operation at -80 °Celsius, Chain lubrication with potential for savings, Lubrication and plastics

Tribojournal, edition 1/2009

Tribojournal, edition 1/2009

Running machines efficiently, increasing their productivity - isn't that any plant operator's wish? It's a well-known fact that the lubricants used can help to attain that goal. The fact, however, to what degree speciality lubricants, when used with appropriate tribological expertise, can positively influence operating costs and even the company's return, rarely fails to surprise.

Tribojournal, edition 2/2008

Topics: Speciality lubricants - how a small investment makes the difference; Improving energy efficiency with synthetic gear oils; Challenging lubrication requirements in pneumatic components; Comfortable driving and reliable car functions

Tribojournal, edition 1/2008

Topics: Bonded coatings in power transmission engineering, Clean and economical lubrication of cardboard corrugators, Easier lubricant handling in wind power plants, Reducing energy costs and CO2, Producing to plan with machine tools...

Tribojournal, edition 2/2007

Topics: Boston Gear successful with new Klüber gear oil, Running-in lubrication of large gear drives, Klüber and REACH, the right compressor oil for each gas, research project on sintered metal plain bearings....

Tribojournal, edition 1/2007

Topics: Boston Gear, successful with new Klüber gear oil; Running-in lubrication of large gear drives; Klüber and REACH; The right compressor oil for each gas; Research project on sintered metal plain bearings

Tribojournal, edition 2/2006

Topics: Plastics and lubricants (focus), High performance under extreme conditions, Refrigeration compressors...