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Lubrication solutions for alternative materials, high efficiency and smooth functionality in cars

July 01. 2010

Lubrication solutions for alternative materials, high efficiency and smooth functionality in cars

Klüber Lubrication at the IZB 2010 Wolfsburg - Hall 5, stand 098

Munich, July 2010 – For-life lubrication of automotive components is a constant challenge for design engineers, particularly if alternative materials are used. Whenever light materials such as plastics are used to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and hence to reduce the fuel consumption, cooperation with an experienced tribologist at an early stage is vital: Only lubricants perfectly compatible with the materials involved can ensure reliable component operation for the required lifetime. The interaction of lubricants and plastics is one of the key research issues for Klüber Lubrication’s Research & Development team. The internationally active lubrication specialist will be presenting innovative solutions for automotive components such as seat recliners, door modules, brakes and highly loaded small gears at the IZB Wolfsburg.

Smooth running is another key issue: speciality lubricants can increase component efficiency significantly, reducing the required driving force and hence the energy consumption. The experts from Klüber Lubrication will be presenting lubrication solutions ensuring high efficiency due to low friction while providing component reliability, e.g. in actuators in the steering system, in engine components, seats and window lifters.

The stand team will also be providing information on speciality lubricants increasing comfort in the vehicle’s interior. Bonded coatings and damping greases reduce oscillations and vibrations and avoid noise generation. They help design engineers fulfil the increasing requirements regarding the feel of control elements, noiseless function and undisturbed driving pleasure.

Klüber Lubrication has developed more than one hundred different lubricating greases, oils pastes and bonded coatings for the automotive industry alone, many of them custom-made in close cooperation with OEMs. Klüber products can be applied to approximately 150 friction points in a car.



Klüber Lubrication will be presenting speciality lubricants for current requirements like weight reduction and increased comfort in cars at the IZB

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Klüber Lubrication München based in Munich is one of the world's leading manufacturers of speciality lubricants. Klüber Lubrication offers competent tribological solutions by supplying tailor-made speciality lubricants directly to customers in almost all branches of industry and markets. Klüber Lubrication supplies more than 2,000 speciality lubricants, most of them developed and manufactured for specific customer requirements. With its thorough consulting and far-reaching services, the company has acquired an excellent reputation as a partner to trade and industry. More than 80 years of experience, industry-specific know-how, all common certificates and a test bay that is fairly unique in the industry all help to safeguard optimized solutions. Klüber Lubrication München belongs to Freudenberg Chemical Specialities, also based in Munich, a subgroup of the Freudenberg Group of Weinheim.