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Competence and expertise – added value for operators

September 01. 2010

Competence and expertise – added value for operators

Increasing the efficiency of wind power plants with the KlüberServiceSystem

Munich, September 2010 – There is hardly another industry where maintenance is as laborious and where component failure can cause as long periods of downtime as in the wind power sector. A substantial improvement of wind turbine reliability can be attained through the use of speciality lubricants. Klüber Lubrication always look at the tribological system as a whole – besides their high-performance lubricants, they also offer comprehensive lubricationrelated service. This includes, for example, tribology seminars for the wind power industry or oil condition analyses.

Accurate oil condition analysis

In an oil condition analysis (OCA), the oil in use in an application is examined to find out if it is still fit for further use. The analysis includes aspects such as the oil's visual appearance, viscosity, ageing, water content and possibly solid matter in the oil. The analysis program encompasses infrared spectroscopy, analysis of the additives contained as well as the detection of metal elements in the sample, etc. Especially in analyses for wind energy applications, the used oil's cleanliness is also determined. Oil condition analyses are performed on Klüber oils as well as on oils from other suppliers. Klüber Lubrication provide a sampling kit containing the required utensils – sampling vessels, package and labels – ensuring cleanliness of the sample, compatibility of materials and unambiguous sample identification. The customer then receives a concise report with the analysis results and a recommendation advising him whether he should change the oil, check it more frequently or continue using it.

Knowledge transfer by expert tribologists

Within the KlüberCollege scheme, Klüber Lubrication offer seminars tailored to the wind energy sector. Besides tribology basics and the properties of oils and greases, the lubrication of machine elements operating in extreme environments is at the focus of these seminars. Participants learn about the optimisation of lubricating processes, inspections and maintenance, correct lubricant application and the prevention of typical errors such as overlubrication or lubricant starvation. All this is aimed at improved operational reliability of wind power plants, a reduction of maintenance costs, a longer lifetime of individual components and better energy efficiency.

The KlüberServiceSystem is made up of the following elements, which can be freely combined or selected individually:

KlüberAssetSupportSupport in optimisation projects
KlüberConsultConsultation on specific topics
KlüberLubConceptOperating lube charts, software, labelling
KlüberMaintainCleaning and relubrication
KlüberMonitorLubricant and component analysis, inspections
KlüberRepairRepair lubrication, machining of large gear drives
About Klüber Lubrication

Klüber Lubrication München based in Munich is one of the world's leading manufacturers of speciality lubricants. Klüber Lubrication offers competent tribological solutions by supplying tailor-made speciality lubricants directly to customers in almost all branches of industry and markets. Klüber Lubrication supplies more than 2,000 speciality lubricants, most of them developed and manufactured for specific customer requirements. With its thorough consulting and far-reaching services, the company has acquired an excellent reputation as a partner to trade and industry. More than 80 years of experience, industry-specific know-how, all common certificates and a test bay that is fairly unique in the industry all help to safeguard optimized solutions. Klüber Lubrication München belongs to Freudenberg Chemical Specialities, also based in Munich, a subgroup of the Freudenberg Group of Weinheim.