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How a Brazilian cement manufacturer considerably reduced his operating costs

July 22. 2014

How a Brazilian cement manufacturer considerably reduced his operating costs

Synthetic oil for increased energy efficiency of air compressors and reduced maintenance costs

Energy consumption and maintenance of air compressors are major elements of operating costs in the cement industry. This recent example from Brazil shows how changing over to a highly efficient compressor oil increases energy efficiency and extends maintenance intervals. A leading manufacturer of cement and related products in Brazil wanted to increase the efficiency of his oil-injected screw compressors and asked the lubricant specialists from Klüber Lubrication for advice.

"Mineral oil-based lubricants are normally used for compressors of this type", explains Júlio Viana, Klüber Lubrication Brazil. "The procurement costs of these conventional products may seem attractive at first glance, however, maintenance requirements and lubricant amounts used are considerably higher compared to synthetic speciality lubricants."

In this case, the oil change intervals with mineral oil were 4,000 hours. Klüber Lubrication recommended to change over to Klüber Summit SH-46, an air compressor oil based on a synthetic hydrocarbon mixture, which facilitates oil change intervals of up to 10,000 operating hours. Klüber Summit SH-46 offers high evaporation stability, ensuring clean compressed air and reduced cleaning costs while avoiding gumming and unplanned downtime. The lifetime of oil filters and separators increases with reduced oxidation residues, contributing to considerably lower maintenance costs.

The cement manufacturer performed comparative tests over a certain period of time. He operated selected compressors with a mineral oil-based lubricant and measured operating temperature, energy and lubricant consumptions. After two months, he cleaned both compressors thoroughly and operated them using Klüber Summit SH-46.

When the measurement results were analysed, it was found that the efficiency of the compressors increased significantly when operated with Klüber Summit SH-46. Operating temperature was reduced from 96 °C to 86 °C. Despite higher purchase costs of the synthetic oil, overall costs were reduced by 2,000 euros per year and compressor due to energy savings, longer oil filter life, reduced lubricant consumption and maintenance costs. The plant operates approximately 50 compressors and thus saves around 100,000 euro per year with synthetic lubricants. The Brazilian customer decided to use Klüber Summit SH-46 also for air compressors in other plants.

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