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Reliable lubrication of wheelset bearings even at minus 60 degrees Celsius

October 16. 2012

Reliable lubrication of wheelset bearings even at minus 60 degrees Celsius

German lubricants manufacturer develops high-performance lubricants for "Russian" rail network

Munich, 16th October 2012 - Klüber Lubrication and the Ukrainian bearing manufacturer UPEC HARP jointly presented the results of a cooperation at the InnoTrans 2012. This cooperation had been aimed at the development of a new generation of wheelset bearing lubricants for what is referred to as the 1520 market, i.e. the formerly Soviet rail network built in 1520 millimetres gauge. With more than 220,000 kilometres, it is one of the most extensive rail networks worldwide. Among the challenges to be met by lubricants in this region are the extremely low temperatures down to minus 60 degrees Celsius. Klüber Lubrication successfully developed two wheelset bearing lubricants showing optimum interaction with the new bearings made by UPEC HARP.

"Klüber Lubrication has long been an active market player in the railway sector and develops special solutions for specific lubrication issues for its customers," explains Thomas Kamprath, Market Manager Rail at Klüber Lubrication. "We are extremely pleased with the successful cooperation with UPEC HARP and the fact that we have now access to the 1520 market. After all, this is a rail network where approx. 1.5 million rail cars fitted with several million bearings are being operated."

When developing wheelset bearing greases for this region, specific criteria had to be met: Besides suitability for very low temperatures, they were expected to extend component life and contribute to higher energy efficiency.

The two wheelset bearing lubricants Klüber Lubrication developed in close cooperation with UPEC HARP were subjected to extensive testing by the All Russian Railway Research Institute (VNIIZHT). Klüberplex BEM 41-132 HARP is a special lubricant for cylindrical wheelset bearings, while Klüberplex BEM 41-141 HARP is intended for tapered roller bearings. Both are characterised by a combination of excellent wear protection, low friction coefficients and outstanding performance at low temperatures.

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Klüber Lubrication is one of the world's leading manufacturers of speciality lubricants, offering high-end tribological solutions to virtually all industries and markets worldwide. Most products are developed and made to specific customer requirements. During its more than 80 years of existence, Klüber Lubrication has provided high-quality lubricants, thorough consultation and extensive services, which has earned it an excellent reputation in the market. The company holds all common industrial certifications and operates a test bay hardly rivalled in the lubricants industry.

Klüber Lubrication, set up as a retail company for mineral oil products in Munich in 1929, is today part of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities KG, a Business Unit of the Freudenberg Group, Weinheim. In 2011, Klüber Lubrication had approximately 1900 employees in more than 30 countries.

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