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High-quality speciality lubricants for rail applications

September 18. 2012

High-quality speciality lubricants for rail applications

Increase the reliability of trains and infrastructure and reduce costs

Background information: With Klüber Lubrication speciality lubricants, you make sure the complex interaction of trains and infrastructure is kept running. The right lubricant will reduce operating costs reliably and efficiently by ensuring the correct lubrication of bogie components, doors and points.

The rail industry has its own special challenging requirements for lubrication. Trains have to work reliably in any weather conditions, they should run on time, offer a comfortable ride and carry goods safely. All these requirements must be met both in summer and in low-temperature winter. Further factors influencing performance are vibration, shock loads, rain, and snow. A lubricant must maintain its specific characteristics under all environmental conditions to ensure correct performance at all times.

Reduce subsequent costs with the right lubricant for points
Trouble-free functioning of trains and the infrastructure must be ensured to keep to schedule. The lubrication of points is therefore essential. Should a point fail to switch due to insufficient lubrication, the timetable will be disrupted, possibly affecting the whole rail network. Although a very small factor, insufficient point lubrication can cause delays of several hours in the entire network, cancellations and hence customer complaints.

The rail industry therefore started taking an holistic view of maintenance and repair costs. How does a single factor influence the entire system? Lubricants that seem inexpensive at first may bring savings in points lubrication, but result in considerably higher costs of the entire operation if the lubricant has little reserve capacity to cope with extremes.

Lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication: tailor-made solutions for maximum customer benefit
Speciality lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication have been adapted to the requirements of rail industry users for more than 80 years. The experts from Klüber Lubrication analyse the lubrication requirements of the components together with the user and take the defined specifications as a basis for developing tailor-made lubricants.

Besides high-quality, mineral oil based lubricants they also offer a comprehensive range of synthetic high-performance speciality lubricants that contribute to better efficiency of rail vehicles and infrastructure. These speciality lubricants help extend maintenance intervals and reduce lubricant quantities. Environmental-friendly, rapidly biodegradable lubricants contribute significantly to improving the customer's ecological footprint.

Unique test bay for developing the optimum lubricant
Klüber Lubrication has developed a test bay which is unparalleled in the industry. It serves to test a lubricant simulating the demanding conditions in railway operation. These include considerably fluctuating temperatures, high surface pressure and micro-pressing. Components are loaded until failure on the test rigs to determine the causes of failure and develop the optimum lubricant on the basis of the results. Klüber works in close cooperation with leading OEMs. Klüber's expertise in developing and manufacturing high-quality products combined with comprehensive services provided by experienced tribology experts helps users increase the reliability of their components and permanently reduce operating costs. Lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication are available in the same high quality worldwide.

About Klüber Lubrication

Klüber Lubrication is one of the world's leading manufacturers of speciality lubricants, offering high-end tribological solutions to virtually all industries and markets worldwide. Most products are developed and made to specific customer requirements. During its more than 80 years of existence, Klüber Lubrication has provided high-quality lubricants, thorough consultation and extensive services, which has earned it an excellent reputation in the market. The company holds all common industrial certifications and operates a test bay hardly rivalled in the lubricants industry.

Klüber Lubrication, set up as a retail company for mineral oil products in Munich in 1929, is today part of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities SE & Co. KG, a Business Unit of the Freudenberg Group, Weinheim. In 2011, Klüber Lubrication had approximately 1900 employees in more than 30 countries.

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