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Innovative lubricants help increase the efficiency

October 20. 2011

Innovative lubricants help increase the efficiency

Innovative lubricants help increase the efficiency of automotive components and amplify design options

Munich, October 2011 - One of the major challenges in automotive design is the reduction of fuel consumption by increasing the efficiency of individual components as well as reducing the total weight of the vehicles. In cooperation with renowned automotive suppliers, Klüber Lubrication was able to develop a range of innovative speciality lubricants tailored for optimum interaction with modern automotive components.

A focal issue in this context is the increasing use of plastic materials in vehicles. Innovative plastic components that have to function trouble-free in the long term even under extreme conditions in motor vehicles harbour special requirements for lubricants: The plastic and the lubricant may interact in such a way that a wrong choice of lubricant can cause substantial damage. For this reason, Klüber Lubrication is carrying out intensive research investigating the interaction of lubricants and plastics.

Another important factor is the energy consumption of the individual vehicle components. At the HMI 2011, Klüber Lubrication will be presenting speciality lubricants that help to attain a high degree of energy efficiency through optimised friction. Where such lubricants with an optimised friction coefficient are used, energy consumption can be reduced - an additional aspect for design engineers working on a reduction of the total energy consumption in vehicles.

Klübersynth MR 96-31 - A special grease that is compatible with elastomers and plastics
Klübersynth MR 96-31 is a special grease developed by Klüber Lubrication that is compatible with numerous non-polar polymers such as PP or PE, elastomers such as EPDM, and polar polymers such as POM, PA 66 or NBR. Due to this compatibility, components consisting of friction bodies made from different materials can be developed. Klübersynth MR 96-31 offers reliable protection against wear over a wide temperature range from -40 to +120 °C, ensures smooth motion, dampens noise and reduces vibration. These characteristics make it an obvious choice for numerous vehicle components, e.g. slideways, small gears, window lifter modules, etc.

Klübersynth BM 44-42 - Saving fuel as efficiency is increased
Klübersynth BM 44-42 is a highly adhesive synthetic long-term grease for components subject to high wear loads. While it has been developed to ensure low wear in idling operation and a reliable engagement and disengagement of freewheels and override clutches running on rolling bearings, Klübersynth BM 44-42 is also capable of enabling a considerably higher efficiency in rolling bearings in electro-mechanical steering systems and clutch actuators. With its optimised oil release and specific antiwear additives, this special grease enables longer component life and a reduction of maintenance. Its service temperature range is -40 to +140 °C.

Klübersynth BHP 72-102 - New hybrid grease helps save costs
Klübersynth BHP 72-102 is a new high-temperature lubricant developed for the lifetime lubrication of heavily loaded friction points in components located near the car engine and therefore exposed to alternating temperatures from 40 °C to +200 °C, for example in viscous coupling bearings, belt tensioners, radiator fans and related applications. Furthermore, Klübersynth BHP 72-102 is used for release bearings in cars using alternative forms of drive power such as hybrid engines. Klübersynth BHP 72-102 is based on new, patented hybrid grease technology and enables longer runtimes as well as lower grease consumption costs than conventional lubricants.

BARRIERTA KM 192 - High-temperature grease for rolling and plain bearings
BARRIERTA KM 192 is a high-temperature grease for the long-term lubrication of rolling or plain bearings where low driving power and long-term stability under varying ambient conditions are required. It may be used, for example, as a high-temperature grease for bearings in dual clutch gearboxes. At the same time, BARRIERTA KM 192 has good low-temperature characteristics. It remains therefore sufficiently smooth at extremely low temperatures so as to prevent low-torque drives from being overloaded.

BARRIERTA KM 192 is also compatible with a wide range of plastics and elastomers. It may therefore be used for the lubrication of engine valves and seals, for example in hydraulic cylinders. In such applications, the grease ensures long runtimes combined with low noise and a low friction coefficient.

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Klüber Lubrication is one of the world's leading manufacturers of speciality lubricants, offering high-end tribological solutions to virtually all industries and markets worldwide. Most products are developed and made to specific customer requirements. During its more than 80 years of existence, Klüber Lubrication has provided high-quality lubricants, thorough consultation and extensive services, which has earned it an excellent reputation in the market. The company holds all common industrial certifications and operates a test bay hardly rivalled in the lubricants industry.
Klüber Lubrication, set up as a retail company for mineral oil products in Munich in 1929, is today part of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities, a Business Unit of the Freudenberg Group, Weinheim. In 2010, Klüber Lubrication had approximately 1800 employees in more than 30 countries.