VDI Forum Rolling Bearings

March 23. 2016

VDI Forum Rolling Bearings

Learn all there is to know about about technical basics, selection, optimum design and reliable lubrication of rolling bearings.

The focus will be on the measures suited to increase the service life, operational reliability and energy efficiency of bearings.

As a forum participant you will then be in a position to

  • use improved calculation methods
  • implement design rules
  • assess the influence of parameters like lubricant quality, material, bearing design, contamination, failure probability and bearing housing on the service life of bearings.

In his talk about "Lubricants for Rolling Bearings", Dipl. Ing. Heiko Stache will provide detailed information on grease and oil lubrication, hints on proper lubricant selection and the potential of mechano-dynamical tests.  All visitors of the event also have the opportunity to participate in a plant visit of Klüber Lubrication München.

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