New adhesive chain oil with good penetration properties

March 31. 2015

New adhesive chain oil with good penetration properties

Excellent for conveyor chains in the food industry

For conveyor chains which are operated at normal temperatures, it is important that the oil does not drip off. For these applications, Klüber Lubrication has developed the new Klüberfood NH1 CX 4-220. This oil is optimised to penetrate inside the chain and provide effective lubrication.

At the same time, Klüberfood NH1 CX 4-220 has excellent adhesion properties which prevent the oil from dripping off. This is particularly relevant for the chains of chocolate molding machines, as well as for the meat industry, where overhead conveyors are used to carry the meat.

"Klüberfood NH1 CX 4-220 is a unique product for the meat and chocolate industries”, says Aldemir Oliveira, Global Market Manager Food Industry, of Klϋber Lubrication. “It combines the benefits of a high viscosity oil, i.e. its adhesiveness, with excellent penetration properties similar to a low viscosity oil.

Klüberfood NH1 CX 4-220 is registered according to NSF H1 and ISO 21469 certified. It can be easily applied at room temperatures. The good antiwear behaviour of the new oil leads to a longer chain life and thus to reduced costs for maintenance and repair. With the new chain oil, tribology expert Klüber Lubrication underlines once again its commitment to customised solutions for specific applications.