Sustainability as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility

May 19. 2017

Sustainability as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility

Klüber Lubrication releases first sustainability report

As an expert in the lubrication of a wide variety of technically complex systems, Klüber Lubrication practises a culture characterised by a pioneering spirit and smart solutions that not only consider the technical aspects of our activities but also the resulting long-term effects on people, society and the ecosystems of our planet. 

Experts from a number of different departments proactively consider future trends, market development, standards and regulatory requirements at all points along our value stream. This concerns our environmental “footprint”, which refers to the effects on the environment and resource conservation of the purchasing and processing of materials and the delivery of our products. However, even more important are the positive effects that can be achieved by customers through the use of our products, which we refer to as our “handprint”.