The future of speciality lubricants (Part 3)

July 19. 2017

The future of speciality lubricants (Part 3)

In our interview series experts from Klüber Lubrication explain future trends and innovations in the speciality lubricants industry. Mr. Manjesh Babu will share some interesting insights on new business developments in…

Mr Babu, you are responsible for the market introduction of the first water-based lubricants from Klüber Lubrication for the beverage industry. These are innovative products, but water as a lubricant is not completely new, is it?

Today, there are already wide ranging applications that use water as an integral part of the lubricant formulation. Currently, I work on conveyer lubricants for the food industry where water-based lubricants form an essential part of the application. Before the word conveyor lubricant was even coined, the first available lubricant for a customer was water and soap. That means, water as a lubricant is already known to customers for many years. At a later stage, the combination of lubricants with water, which is typically known as wet lube became popular. The next stage of the evolution was towards dry lube where water is already an integral part of the formulation and there is no need to steer water separately.

Where is the innovation, when water has been used as a lubricant for such a long time?

The challenge is to minimize water consumption even further. With our new unique conveyor lubrication formulation there are lesser residues on chains and thus it eliminates the need for frequent cleaning. This on the other hand has a positive impact on the water footprint of our customers. Basically, water acts as a carrier for lubricant oil and at the same time supports the entire cleaning process on the conveyor.

The challenge has always been, to create a homogeneous product with speciality  lubricants in combination with water without leading to issues like corrosion, which comes up in presence of water. Klüber Lubrication has been able to solve this challenge by launching water-based products which are homogeneous and also with no issues of corrosion.

What’s in for our customers?

Certainly, water-based lubricants will support our customers in piloting new, sustainable and innovative materials that will support them in their own targets. Besides that, Klüber Lubrication can show its innovative strength and power to push the limits in tribology.


Mr. Manjesh Babu is responsible for new business development and in particular the conveyor application at Klüber Lubrication. For more information please contact