Klüberspeed BFP 42-32 – a new generation of spindle bearing greases

April 06. 2014

Klüberspeed BFP 42-32 – a new generation of spindle bearing greases

Due to increasing machine speeds, drive systems and machine tool spindles are subject to increasing requirements. Your machines are coming up against their limits.

We help you push the limits. As your flexible, competent partner, we constantly develop our products. The latest result is Klüberspeed BFP 42-32.

It is particularly the suitability for high speed, running-in behaviour and lifetime that play a key role in drive systems and machine tool spindles. The machines are constantly developed and their technology improved. However, even the best machine can only function in the long run if maintenance and repair are perfomed in an optimal way.

Klüberspeed BFP 42-32 is a high-speed spindle bearing grease based on synthetic oil and special lithium thickener. Its base oil viscosity and chemical components enable its use for high-speed spindle bearings while increasing their lifetime compared to conventional spindle bearing greases.

The chemical composition of Klüberspeed BFP 42-32 facilitates its use both for angular contact ball bearings and high-speed cylindrical roller bearings, particularly in steel/ceramic material combinations. The spindle bearing grease is suitable for horizontal, diagonal and vertical mounting positions subject to very high speed factors. You benefit from an increased lifetime at a speed factor of up to 2.3m mm/min.

Klüberspeed BFP 42-32 is preferably used for milling, grinding, lathe and boring spindles operated at high speeds and medium permanent temperatures. Both angular contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings can be lubricated, which are used in other high-speed bearing applications, e.g. power tools and electric motors.