GETLUB 2012 – The lubricant as design element

February 14. 2012

GETLUB 2012 – The lubricant as design element

Klüber Lubrication will take place at the 2nd GETLUB congress in Würzburg.

The 2nd GETLUB congress will take place in Würzburg, Germany on 29/30 March 2012, dealing with the integrated world of optimised lubrication of drive trains. Specialists from R&D and industry, users and manufacturers will enter into an in-depth dialogue on the subject of lubricants.

We will take part - will you join us?

Our conference papers:
26 March - 4 pm
Stopping micropitting of gears by using the right lubricant
29 March - 2 pm
High-performance wear protection through bonded coatings containing nano-particles