New feature on our website

January 27. 2012

New feature on our website

You can now download “Product information leaflets” and “Material safety data sheets”.

We are happy to inform you that you will be able to find product information leaflets in three languages and most material data sheets in 40 variations for different countries on our webpage from now on. On the start page you will have two options to find the documents.

The first one is via the "Product Search". If you type in 4 letters you will get a list of products containing these letters. Each additional letter you type in shortens the hit list. The letters need not necessarily be the beginning of the product name and alternatively, you can use the article number as a search key. However, in this case the complete article number is required. Afterwards, you can select the product from in the hit list.

After that, click on one product on the hit list. Then you will get a short product description containing information about the main fields of application, a product description and benefits for your application. There is a download button next to the product description. If you are not registered yet, please fill in the registration form. Afterwards we will send you an activation e-mail containing your personal password for login. This password will be valid for 12 months.

The second option are the extended "Find your product" or "Products" menus, listing products from A - Z. Here you can find a list of products in alphabetical order. Depending on the quantity of products available, the hit list will be displayed on several pages, also depending on the settings you made (entries per page). Once you select a product by clicking on "more", you will see the product page with the features described before.

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