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A cooperation that benefits also others

A cooperation that benefits also others

A strong cooperation between the producers of textile machines and speciality lubricants is beneficial also for textile manufacturers

Textile production worldwide is challenged more and more by a rising need to produce as efficiently and cost-saving as possible. One key factor herein are textile machines and other production equipment running smoothly and with as few downtime as possible. To achieve this aim, besides other things, it is crucial to select the right lubricant - for the initial lubrication of a component as well as for relubrication during operation. The lubricant itself constitutes only a minor investment, but its effects can be tremendous. The lubricants used are expected to offer reliable performance over a long service life and a wide temperature range as well as good resistance to loads. For the operators, these characteristics mean long relubrication intervals for greases and long lubricant life for oils.

The OEM one the other hand can offer his customers optimum solutions when considering the impact of high-quality lubricants from the design stage. Thus, a close and intense relationship between OEM and speciality lubricant producer is beneficial for all production stages of textile production.

One example for such a relationship is the 25 year-long cooperation between Klüber Lubrication, one of the world's leading manufacturers of speciality lubricants and Itema, the Italian-based global leader for textile machinery, which has been showered with success in recent and distant times and for whom high performance oils have been developed. A recent successful launch was the R9500 - a textile machine which is the jewel in the crown of the Colzate-based company. On its own, the machine brings in half of the companies’ total earnings. In 2014 it enabled the sales volume to leap by 60 per cent worldwide – particularly in the Far-East, China, the Middle-East, Turkey, and South America. Never has its partnership with Klüber Lubrication been so crucial.

Top Weaving Machine, Cutting-Edge Lubricant

Launched in 2012 with the aim of opening up new international markets, the thoroughly renewed R9500 rapier weaving machine is a proof of excellence of the Italian textile machinery industry. Revolutionary and highly innovative, it offers manufacturers the maximum flexibility to create high quality textiles with low maintenance costs. One of the features making the R9500 such a good performer for international textile manufacturers, is its centralised force-feed lubrication system with a reservoir and double filter. This provides maximum lubrication yield and minimum energy dissipation, resulting in at least a 10-degree temperature reduction compared to the previous models.

Gears, cams, bearings and the rapier/belt kinematic system: to keep beating, the hi-tech heart of the sophisticated loom required a viscous agent capable to ensure the best gear performance. After months of testing and development, the chemists and the engineers from Klüber Lubrication, together with the colleagues from Itema, identified the ideal personalized lubricant which could guarantee uninterrupted high-speed operation. The Klübersynth KV - specifically the Klübersynth 80 KV - was the series of high performance oils for centralised lubrication designed to meet the needs of the R9500 weaving machine. With a modified viscosity, Klübersynth 80 KV keeps the operational temperature to a minimum.

Reduced Costs And A Green Heart

When selecting an oil, high performance is critical. Why? Itema engineers required a centralised lubrication system able to protect the machine from wear and tear and high operating loads, so as to withstand extremely high humidity and dusty environments, and meet high filterability targets - up to 6 microns, exceeding even the automotive industry standard - to ensure clean and easy operation. There are many advantages that Klübersynth KV oils offer the international market’s best weaving machines. Apart from improving the transmission system’s gears, an exceptional synthesis stability means the Klübersynth KV maintains its characteristics over time, contributes to energy efficiency and reduces its environmental impact.

From Munich To The World

By changing the oil after every 20,000 hours of operation (it has a two year warranty) and replacing the filters, Klüber Lubrication makes sure the client does not need other lubrication maintenance. Its global distribution network makes the Munich company’s lubricants an easy and profitable choice anywhere in the world, as shown by the extensive feedback obtained from the technicians of the Italian production plants and the rest of the world. The laboratories are in Munich, but the commercial services and support network of Klüber Lubrication is ready to assist in case of particular needs and customized solutions in more than sixty countries. Only balanced team work brings certified excellence.

Author: Sergio Bertocchi (Market Manager Textile Industry at Klüber Lubrication Italia)