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Increase product safety with automatic lubrication

Increase product safety with automatic lubrication

Klübermatic – speciality lubricants in "intelligent packages"

It is a well-known fact that lubricants used in the food-processing industry must comply with all the legal requirements. For maximum production and product safety, it is important to exclude all possible sources of contamination, including over (excess) lubrication of components. Klüber Lubrication's automatic lubricant dispensers "Klübermatic series" solve this problem by enabling reliable and precise lubrication quantity dispensing to the friction points. The Klübermatic range, which is already well established in many industries, is now complemented by the Klübermatic Flex dispenser - a flexible lubrication unit in compact design.

"Klübermatic Flex is a very clean, safe and economical device supporting compliance with the strict hygiene requirements for lubricants in the food-processing industry", explains Jesus Diaz, Market Manager Food Industry at Klüber Lubrication. "The automatic lubrication system does not only prevent overlubrication of components, but also reduces premature wear of machine parts due to starved lubrication while extending maintenance intervals and reducing production losses."

Klübermatic - beverage industry

Automatic lubrication also provides advantages over manual lubrication when it comes to lubrication points that are difficult to access or at high temperatures and also for lubrication points that are far apart from each other. The automatic dispensing system is available in several designs which facilitate variable lubrication interval settings. Klübermatic can be used for single-point lubrication of rolling and plain bearings, slideways, open gears, toothed racks, threaded spindles, shaft seals and chains.

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