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Service components for your success from a single source. How can we help you attain your objectives? With a new service scheme, KlüberEfficiencySupport, we have geared our range of services to the topics relevant to your operation.

How does KlüberEfficiencySupport work? This new approach developed by Klüber is based on a holistic consideration of all processes in your plant. The result is not just a simple lubricant recommendation, but a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific needs.

We help you tap the potential of your system in terms of energy efficiency, the efficiency of your maintenance or production process, and the output efficiency of your machines and components. We also verify the effects our measures have in practice. This provides you with all you need to multiply optimised results.

Four service modules are combined under the umbrella of KlüberEfficiencySupport. Combinations of these modules, supplemented by a suitable lubricant, provide solutions to your individual needs.

Optimisation of the energy efficiency of your equipment (tribo-system); verification through energy measurements and reporting of cost and potential CO2 savings.

Support for your lubricant management and maintenance programmes such as TPM with regard to lubricants and the associated maintenance activities.

Increasing the productivity of your machines and installations through analysis of used lubricant. Professional recommendations for optimisation based on trend analyses and test rig results.

Services for extending the life of your costly components e.g. large gear drives or chains as well as associated training.

With each module, we offer appropriate training on lubrication and tribology for your staff. KlüberEfficiencySupport is available to you worldwide. We are where you are!

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