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Increase efficiency, reduce operating costs

With the right lubricant you can extend the service life of your machines and components. With the right service you can also save energy and maintenance costs and increase your productivity, providing you with real added value.

KlüberEfficiencySupport - Systematically identify and tap optimisation potential

Lubricants account for just a small percentage of your overall operating costs spend, but offer a huge potential for cost savings. Properly selected and used, speciality lubricants reduce energy, replacement and labour costs and increase productivity. We created KlüberEfficiencySuppor, an extensive package of services designed to reduce your operating costs considerably. This package includes a systematic analysis of your processes and production parts as well as practical solutions tailored to your needs. We check the effectiveness of our measures during operation and provide you with tangible results in the form of reliable calculations and reports. We also share our know-how with your staff through individual training programems ensuring you will benefit from sustainable savings.

Our range of services comprises individual complimentary modules available around the globe:

  • KlüberEnergy to save energy costs
  • KlüberMaintain to reduce maintenance costs
  • KlüberMonitor to increase productivity
  • KlüberRenew to extend the service life of components

In many industries, operating costs are significantly influenced by energy consumption. In a KlüberEnergy project we analyse your energy consumption and identify with you savings potential obtainable using our speciality lubricants. The Klüber Energy service includes energy advice, energy measurement and evaluation and documentation of results.

KlüberMaintain supports you in optimising and rationalising maintenance by providing advice on efficient lubricant management including product selection, labelling and storage. We also draw up plant lubrication charts allowing you to plan, monitor and perform maintenance more efficiently.

With KlüberMonitor you supervise your lubricated machine components effectively and increase your productivity by reducing downtime. We analyse your lubricants, components and surfaces to provide you with specific recommendations on relubrication intervals, lubricant application and preventive maintenance.

KlüberRenew comprises all our services designed to extend the service life of your essential componentes in large gear drives and chains. We provide on-site support during running-in or repair lubrication, and sealing. Training and advice on how to avoid unscheduled downtime by using speciality lubricants is also part of this service.

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