Lubricating pastes

Reliable lubrication under extreme conditions

Lubricating and assembly pastes are often used under extreme conditions – for example with temperatures up to 1200 °C, where there are high-frequency oscillations or at very low speeds. Our lubricating pastes protect your components reliably against premature wear. Ease of assembly and dismantling is ensured using our…

Lubricating and assembly pastes containing a high percentage of solid lubricating particles form an efficient lubricating film to separate component surfaces reliably even under extreme conditions. They are particularly suitable for applications requiring high load-carrying capacity, particular emergency lubricating properties and permanent media resistance. Our speciality pastes offer many advantages: minimised tribocorrosion, stick-slip and anti-fretting corrosion protection, prevention of adhesive wear or seizure of the lubricated components. The service life of your components increases.

We also have special pastes for high temperatures which meet food safe requirements. For outdoor applications we offer readily biodegradable lubricating pastes providing protection against corrosion. Many of our lubricating and assembly pastes are also suitable for the lubrication of chucks and guideways, power locking and positive-fit connections, and improve start-up and running-in of your components and machines.

For the normal temperature range, we recommend, for example, these lubricating and assembly pastes:
Klüberpaste 46 MR 401

When things get hot: assembly pastes for high temperatures

Many lubricants meet their limits at high temperatures where you need special assembly pastes which form a resistant lubricating film at temperatures of up to 1,200 °C (2,192 °F). The liquid constituents of these pastes evaporate at 200 °C (392 °F) without residues, leaving a dry lubricant film which minimises friction of your components. At the same time our assembly pastes ensure easy dismantling of connections.

The following assembly pastes are particularly suitable for high temperatures:
Klüberpaste HS 91-21
Klüberpaste HEL 46-450
Klüberpaste UH1 96-402

Firmly connected: lubricating and assembly pastes for screws and bolts

Low friction values are required to ensure easy tightening of screw threads. Our speciality pastes enable consistent preload forces for smooth assembly and dismantling of your screw connections, even when exposed to extreme thermal loads, for example in case of turbochargers used in the automotive industry. For the food-processing, beverage and pharmaceutical industries our product range includes special NSF H1-registered pastes.

Selected assembly pastes for screws:
Klüberpaste UH1 96-402
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Calculation of the tightening torque:

Formula for calculating the tightening torque with metric threads

(tightening torque in Nm)
The tightening torque may vary depending on the material of the screw, the tightening speed, etc. Therefore, this formula can only be used to calculate approximate values. In any case, the specific tightening torque should either be determined by experiment according to ISO 16047 or exactly according to VDI 2230, taking into consideration all the factors. The calculation of the diameter in our formula only refers to flat contact surfaces.

(1) For the friction values of Klüberpaste HS 91-21, see the product information leaflet

Source: Dubbel and Rolof Matek