Klübermatic STAR VARIO

Temperature-independent precision lubrication

Klübermatic STAR VARIO is fully automatic and works independent of the ambient temperature. It dispenses lubricant with utmost accuracy over 1 to12 months.

It consists of an electro-mechanical drive unit with LCD display with push button control, an LC unit containing 250, 120 or 60 cm³ of lubricant and a battery set. The functional condition can be monitored by all around LED lights so that an empty LC unit or malfunction can be detected and remedied without delay.

Dispenser characteristics Your benefits
Electro-mechanical drive unit
  • Function independent of temperature, pressure and vibration
  • High plant availability
  • Reusable
LED flashing signals on drive unit
  • Simple visual monitoring enabling more rapid inspections
  • Lower risk of accidents at inconveniently located lubrication points
  • Fast, simple assembly
  • No wiring required, hence high flexibility and low-cost mounting on inconvenient lubrication points
  • Can be switched off if required (e.g. during machine downtime) to avoid unnecessary lubricant discharge
Constant pressure build-up of 6 bar max
  • Flexible tube connection up to 3 m distance possible (e.g. in high-temperature sections)
  • Improved workplace safety due to automatic supply to inconveniently located lubrication points
Transparent casing
  • Visual filling level inspection