Lubricant dispensers

Lubricant and dispenser - a perfect match

In many production sectors, automatic lubricant dispensers perfectly complement the use of speciality lubricants. They help you to apply the correct lubricant quantity consistently while considerably reducing maintenance costs. We provide the individual components and advise you on the ideal package solution for your…

Many components and machines must be relubricated on a regular basis, which often requires considerable effort. The lubrication points may be difficult to access or distant from one another, and sometimes relubrication simply takes a lot of time because there are so many points to lubricate. Our Klübermatic lubricant dispensers offer you many benefits: they allow you to lubricate machines, sub-assemblies and installations cleanly and continuously with just the right amount of lubricant. At the same time, plant availability increases, as operation does not have to be interrupted for relubrication.

Automatic lubricant dispensers are also a good choice in terms of safety and hygiene. They increase occupational safety as they reduce maintenance work in risk areas to a minimum. The risk of leakage or excessive lubrication causing slip hazards is also reduced. Lubrication points and the lubricating system are reliably protected against dust, contamination and humidity. The correct description of the lubricant at the lubrication point ensures that you always use the right lubricant in the right place.

Our Klübermatic electromechanical or electrochemical lubricant dispensers are suitable for the lubrication of many different kinds of applications, e.g. for electric motor bearings, fans, pumps, chains and spindles.

The right combination of lubricant and dispenser provides additional added value

Investing in automatic lubricant dispensers pays off rapidly for most production plants. Maximum benefit is obtained with the right combination of dispenser with one of our many speciality lubricants. We advise you personally on selecting the right lubricant and matching Klübermatic dispenser for your application. Make sure you benefit from the advantages of both components and increase the lifetime of the lubricated components and plant availability.

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