Corrosion inhibitors

Reliable protection and lubrication

Corrosion may cause considerable damage to your machines and installations which are often exposed to friction and wear. Our speciality lubricants lubricate your components and protect them reliably against corrosion.

Corrosion prevention is just one factor in extending a component's life. We always recommend seeing corrosion protection in conjunction with all the tribological requirements. For example, in the marine industry, components and machines are not only exposed to corrosive salt water, but also to vibration and high mechanical loads. In the automotive industry, door locks require a lubricant offering good corrosion protection as well as optimised friction properties and a wide temperature range. Only a speciality lubricant covering all these requirements offers real added value: longer relubrication intervals, high thermal resistance and minimised wear.

Corrosion protection and more

For all metal parts susceptible to corrosion we manufacture a comprehensive range of greases, oils and bonded coatings which offer a lot more than corrosion prevention. Our special lubricating pastes and greases are the right solution to prevent all forms of corrosion including tribocorrosion, fretting or galvanic corrosion. Our lubricant specialists have long-standing experience and will be pleased to advise you on selecting the right product for your application.

Example of speciality lubricant offering corrosion protection:
Klübertop TP 46-111

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