One step ahead.

Klüber Lubrication develops technologies that decisively shape tomorrows market for tribological solutions. For Klüber Lubrication , innovation means to identify trends and market needs at an early stage and transform generated insights into tangible values for our customers.

Innovation at Klüber Lubrication brings people, technologies and knowledge from various departments together. This enables us to generate ideas and turn these pioneering ideas into new, innovative products, services and business areas.

Customer needs as the driving force

With great empathy we determine our customers' needs and try to create the highest usability for for them. For this, we bundle the knowledge and expertise of our experts and extended external  network. In a company – driven initiative, our employees receive the opportunity to quickly develop viable and tested business concepts in order to generate new and promising prospects for our customers.

Grown innovation culture

Our culture of innovation is based on several decades of experience as a lubricant specialist and a thorough full and deep understanding of the needs of our customers. We continuously foster and enhance this culture in multiple ways.

Our managers and experts extendtheir knowledge by using new innovation methods and techniques to determine and understand market needs and transform them into customer values . In various workshops, we support our employees and customers in testing ideas and solutions. Regular exchange with external innovation drivers inspires and supports our activities.

More than functionality

Integrating customer needs and trends in our innovations has proven successful. Several examples can be cited:

  • Corporate entrepreneurship: Our programme "Move Beyond" supports employees to learn how to develop and test innovative  concepts and develop an entrepreneurial mind-set. This makes employees more open-minded and assists them in finding and testing possible solutions for our customers.
  • Hydro Lubricants is our newly developed and pioneering technology which uses water either as base oil or as an additive.
  • Our products based on natural oils such as Klüberbio LG 39-700 meet a multitude of application-specific expectations. Furthermore, they help our customers to comply with increasing ecological regulations.
  • When used in combination with our KlüberEfficiencySupport, our products and services can help machine manufacturers and operators to evidently reduce energy consumption and operating costs and hence the strain on natural resources.
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New Business Development Managerin Innovation
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