Klüber Lubrication – Guidelines

With Guidelines to success

In the pursuit of its Corporate Mission, Klüber Lubrication München follows its own Guidelines, which are based on the Guiding Principles of the Freudenberg Group. These Guidelines are binding for each individual employee worldwide.

By living in accordance with these Guidelines we ensure our competitiveness, growth and sound financial basis. We create secure new jobs worldwide for people to work in a safe, pleasant and ecologically sound environment.

1. We focus on the customer

Identifying, understanding and satisfying our customers' needs and expectations with a view to future trends is characteristic of our cooperation as partners. With conscientiousness and a pronounced love of detail we make indispensable contributions to our customers' success. We offer them maximum benefits through our worldwide presence, product co-developments and a commitment to service and reliability.

2. Our employees are our strength

The Guidelines for Leadership and Teamwork are the basis upon which we are going to act, wish to be treated and agree to be judged. We endeavour to continuously improve our "Competent Leadership", "Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting", "Team Orientation", "Social Skills" as well as our "Communication and Information". Highly motivated employees working in an optimized environment are a vital prerequisite of the quality of our products and services.

3. We are aware of our responsibility for people and the environment

The management of our company is fully aware of its social responsibilities. We endeavour to provide our employees with secure jobs and preserve an ecologically sound environment for future generations. Therefore, we not only comply with existing legal requirements but go beyond them in our efforts wherever this is technically and economically feasible. We aim at living up to our social responsibilities in all countries, regions and communities where we conduct business and attach great importance to good neighbourly relations.

4. Innovation is decisive for our success

Constant innovation in all areas is decisive for our long-term financial success. We therefore continuously improve our products, processes, systems, and ourselves. Our corporate structure encourages the creativity and initiative of individuals and teams.

5. Suppliers and service providers are our partners

Openness and cooperation characterize our relations with business partners. We appreciate long-term personal contacts and give preference to partners with a lasting presence in the market and activities worldwide. We expect our business partners to comply with our standards regarding quality assurance, environmental protection and workplace safety and keep record of their progress in this respect.

6. Economy is not contradictory to quality, environmental protection and workplace safety

Through a sound and economical organization of our working processes we aim at attaining a high quality of products and services at a low economic, ecological and social cost. We use our integrated management system to continuously measure, evaluate, control and improve our work. It is our intention to achieve in the sectors

  • Quality: zero defects
  • Environment: zero waste and zero incidents
  • Workplace Safety: zero accidents

This is to ensure the sustainable profitability of our company.

7. We are responsible for our products

Our products are developed taking into account their whole life cycle – from the supplier to the customer, from the raw material to disposal. A defined list of stringent criteria is applied to the selection of our raw materials. We offer our customers comprehensive and fair consulting.

8. We communicate in the form of an open and sincere dialogue

Our provisions made for the assurance of quality, environmental protection and health and safety are the basis of a trusting long-term cooperation with customers, employees, suppliers, Freudenberg, neighbours, authorities and the public.