Our leadership culture

Acceptance through clarity

At Klüber Lubrication, we work by clear agreements which were concluded by all involved and can therefore be relied upon.

This applies to clearly defined agreed objectives, decisions made and implemented in cooperation as well as the trust in employees to whom certain tasks were assigned. Managers act as role models in this respect!

Entrepreneurial acting

We are all Klüber Lubrication. Each individual employee is important - and hence responsible - for the success of the company. Awareness of quality, environmental protection and safety are just as important as the self-guided, continual search for better innovations for our customers. After all, it's the customer's success that makes our success.

Starring: our team

Our customers come to us with complex tasks for which a go-it-alone approach does not work. It's a team that's required. We work out solutions together, no matter what the individual function and the hierarchy. In a good team, the effectiveness of each individual member will grow - and team spirit flourish.

Accepting strengths and weaknesses

A few qualities are indispensable for a team to function: the openness we show to our colleagues, and which we are entitled to expected from them. We interact in a sincere, polite and civilised manner. We support colleagues in implementing their own ideas and explicitly encourage their potential.

Let's talk

Only by knowing your destination will you be able to find your way. Every employee is entitled to know his own tasks, but also the corporate goals concerning him. We explain all relevant decisions and are prepared to answer any queries!