People at Klüber Lubrication

Markus Hermann

Hello, my name is Markus Herrmann and I've been working for Klüber Lubrication for 11 years.

After an apprenticeship in a bank, I studied European Business and Economics in Germany and in France and then did a Master's degree at the École des Mines in Paris. I then worked with several business consulting firms in France and Hamburg, before eventually I came to Klüber Lubrication and Freudenberg

What made this company so interesting for me?

I found the Freudenberg Group and Klüber Lubrication to be companies that are very committed to sustainability and offer interesting long-term career prospects. So I thought: This looks like a safe bet! The first positive surprise came right when I started at Klüber Lubrication, as I went through an initial training program that was more profound and intensive than anything I had ever experienced in the many companies where I had worked before.

This is an excellent thing, of course. Even today I still benefit from it in that I have a fundamental understanding of what I'm doing, and all the expertise required.

Why am I still at Klüber Lubrication after 11 years?

This is mainly because, on the one hand, with its 1900 staff Klüber Lubrication is small enough so you still get to know those of your colleagues who you need to know to actually progress things. On the other, Klüber Lubrication is big enough to offer a variety of career options in different fields worldwide.

So it just takes a measure of personal flexibility to follow a career like the one I have had at Klüber Lubrication.

I started at Klüber Lubrication by joining the Quality, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety department, whose manager I became after one year. Together with many international colleagues, I had the chance to introduce a process-based management system in that department, and optimise it.

What was particularly interesting during that time were the various projects, and in particular the temporary management of our largest production company in Belgium. I am now Production Manager in that company, so now I have the pleasure of trying to live up to the requirements I imposed when still Quality Manager in Munich. I not only have to ensure excellent quality of our products, but have to make sure we're in full control of our processes so that our customers' requirements are constantly fulfilled.

So far, my career at Klüber Lubrication has been crowned by being appointed to the "Regional Management Board Europe East", where I'm responsible, together with my colleague from Sales and Finance, for optimising the region.

So how can I sum up what I like so much about Klüber Lubrication?

After all, it's the people and the human attitude that prevails at Klüber Lubrication. That's what's so special, and that's what makes Klüber Lubrication what it is.