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Hermann Siebert
Marketing and Application Engineering
Technical Elements and Machines

My way to Klüber

I've been interested in the subjects of natural sciences and engineering from my childhood days. Aiming at becoming a mechanical engineer, I started by vocational training as a mechanic, and went on to university later.

I graduated with a dissertation on plain bearings, which paved my way into the subject of tribology. I gathered first professional experience by working for an international automotive supplier. There were further work assignments that added to my qualifications, and in 2002 I came to join the Klüber Lubrication family. At first, I was responsible for the field of wind energy, in the Marketing and Application Engineering Department. The function of group leader in Application Engineering, which I'm holding today, is full of further challenges for me.

What I find particularly interesting about my work at Klüber Lubrication is that I can shape my field of work in many ways and can work on projects together with many international colleagues and customers.

Why Klüber

My work at Klüber Lubrication, a leading speciality lubricants manufacturers, allows me to learn a lot about many aspects of our technology-dominated world and provides animated contact with people from different cultural spheres.

On our way towards becoming an international company, the main challenge lies in preparing Marketing and Application Engineering for the new structures. For me, this is an exciting everyday task as well as something I benefit from personally.

With all these challenges, there is still enough time for family life. As the company is favourably located in the south-west of Munich, my small family and I can enjoy the many leisure options the town and its surroundings offer year-round. The flexible working hour scheme at Klüber allows my wife, who is also working, and me to dedicate time to our son when he needs us, even when things are a bit tight.