Training Program

Career opportunities

Stagnation means regression. Therefore, Klüber Lubrication is constantly on the move, the company as a whole as well as its employees. An important aspect is the acquisition of new qualifications by the people working at Klüber Lubrication.

One of the pillars of working at Klüber Lubrication is the individual qualities of its people. These are not only taken into account for the initial training program. On the contrary, Klüber Lubrication places great emphasis on continued, permanent training of all its employees. A pertinent training program will be created that is tailored to your needs and may comprise both internal and external seminars.

We conclude agreements on objectives on an annual basis, depending on your personal development level and in line with the corporate objectives. Your managers will inform you regularly on how your performance is assessed. They will be open, sincere and unambiguous. As at the end of your probationary period, you will receive a written assessment of your performance at least once a year. This will help you enhance your strengths and work on possible weaknesses.