International perspectives

Gather experience abroad

Cultural differences never fail to amaze us. If shaking your head means unambiguously "No" in some parts of the world, this gesture may signal agreement in other regions.

It is vital, however, that we do not misunderstand our customers and colleagues around the world. This is not the least reason why assignments abroad are important and a good idea!

Klüber Lubrication is a global company with sites on all continents. The whole world is our marketplace and our staff act internationally. To make you fit for these challenges, we have the option - and for some this is even a requirement - of arranging an assignment abroad at a subsidiary or at the Headquarters.

Regular contact with colleagues abroad is necessary and important. International workshops are held for the individual business sectors and temporary exchange programs are also part of our training scheme. So our claim "your global specialist" is by no means restricted to our sales activities, but it also relates to the requirements to be met by employees working in all business divisions.