Marketing / Sales

Individual consultation for our customers

Marketing and Application Engineering at Klüber Lubrication means primarily support to our sales force worldwide, strengthening the brand "Klüber Lubrication" and turning the wishes of customers into sustainable solutions.

Besides marketing communication, the technical quality of our work is very much in our focus. This is why our Application Engineering Department consists of specialists for various components and machines as well as experts knowing all the ins and outs of their particular field of industry. Of course, innovation and strategy must not be forgotten. Since the range of lubricants we offer is so vast, the Marketing Department is also home to our product managers.

We coordinate global marketing activities from our headquarters in Munich. However, to be able to respond to requirements that are specific to individual markets or cultures, our global subsidiaries conduct part of their marketing activities themselves through their own specialists.

For us, sales means to support our customers wherever they are. Proximity to customers is a decisive competitive advantage, which is why our staff travel to and through all countries of the earth. We have more than 30 subsidiaries to serve our global circle of customers and sell products directly to them.

We market more than 2000 speciality lubricants, providing the right lubricant for any of our customers' applications. Marketing and Sales are the basis for individual customer discussions and hence for successful marketing.